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Peterborough City Council

A bigger and better Peterborough that grows the right way - and through truly sustainable development and growth.

As a council our strategic priorities are: Creating the UK's environment capital; Creating strong and supportive communities; Delivering substantial and truly sustainable growth; Creating opportunities - tackling inequalities; Providing value for money underpins all of our activities. Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-21 Peterborough’s Sustainable Community Strategy is quite simply the plan for the future of our city and the surrounding villages and rural areas. It is an ambitious and far reaching plan. It aims to substantially improve the quality of life of the people of Peterborough and to raise the profile and reputation of our city as a great place in which to live, visit and work. This plan is very specifically designed to bring clear benefits to the people of Peterborough. Where we have advantages already, we want to build on them. We will seek to inject quality into everything we do, ensuring that as we build the bigger Peterborough, it is also very much a better Peterborough. The Sustainable Community Strategy is the plan that will guide the work of all the partners in Peterborough – public, private, voluntary and community. It is also the plan for every individual. We all have a role to play if we are to build a Peterborough that is not only bigger, but very noticeably better – a Peterborough we can be even more proud of.
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